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why choose between work and play when you can have it both?

You know you want to accomplish more in your life.

A time-demanding business. Chores. A toddler that wants to cling to you 24/7.

What if I told you there's someone out there that can help you balance it all? What if there was someone who can empathize without judgment and someone who can appreciate you as a unique individual.

Someone who can help you turn confusion into clarity?

Can you relate?

You want to take on everything but lack focus.

You're procrastinating but you can't get yourself to stop.

You want to be a supermom.

Isn't it right for you spend more time on the things that matter most?

Your productivity coach

I'm Celz Alejandro, your personal productivity coach.

I'm a process-driven and systematic thinker that loves combining data with emotions. No robots here.

As your coach, I help you reach slash your work hours and reach your goals using both science (data!) and empathy (1-on-1 calls, etc.)

That's what you get by working with someone with a solid science background and a natural curiosity on what makes people tick.

I've learned from years of tinkering and applying what I've read in books, and continually invest in myself to learn from the likes of Tiago Forte, a pioneer in modern Personal Knowledge Management.

I combine my love for learning and growth with my desire to help people like you flourish, grow, and win the day without the stress.