The Elements of Style by William Strunk – Notes by Celz Alejandro

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  • Elementary Rules of Usage
    • 1. Possessive singulars end with ‘s, regardless of final consonant:
      • Charles’s friend, Burns’s poems, the witch’s malice, the Beatles’s concert tour
      • used by: Oxford University Press, United States Government Printing Office
      • Exceptions:
        • possessives of ancient Proper names
          • Jesus’
          • Achilles’ heel, Moses’ laws, Isis’ temple
        • pronominal possessives such ass hers, its, theirs his, oneself have no apostrophe
    • 2. Oxford comma
      • Exceptions:
        • Business firms omit the last comma.
          • Brown, Shirley and Company
        • etc. is always preceded by a comma, even if only a single term comes before it.
    • 3. Parenthetical expressions, such as this phrase, must be enclosed by commas.
      • Exceptions:
        • If the interruption to the sentence flow is small, commas can be omitted bt never unpaired.

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