Ooma at BHS Central Square, BGC Review (2020)

We ate at Ooma at BHS Central Square, Bonifacio Global City for my birthday! Ooma’s one of those places I’ve wanted to try, but was intimidated by for a long time. My only regret is that I should have come here sooner.

Here’s my review of the food at Ooma BGC

Hanger Steak

The truffle oil was subtle in a good way. It was there, but not overpowering. I really love the unexpected flavor combination of the umami of the steak and mushrooms, along with the subtle sweetness of the sweet potato mash that wasn’t too sweet either. Having bursts of flavor from the mushrooms and the crunchy crisps was also a very pleasant surprise, and I love combining all of the elements together to make one perfect bite. I always love ordering this dish and it never disappoints. I think the reason it works so well is because of all the different plays in contrasting texture and flavor. From the crispy potatoes and smooth sweet potato mash to the savory beef and sweet mash

Aburi Mixer

We got the aburi mixer in order to have a sampling of different kinds of maki. We went for the one we felt was the most unique out of all of them. It has:

  • Truffled Steak Aburi Maki
  • Salmon SkinAburi Maki
  • Kimchi Prawn and Enoki Aburi Maki
  • Spicy Tuna Maki

Truffled Steak Aburi Maki

Was a favorite of ours. We loved the play of steak along with some sweet onion and being lightly torched made the flavors more complex. We’d go back solely just to it this, to be honest. I wasn’t able to detect the truffle here as much as the hanger steak. My guess is that it was drizzled at the top afterward as I didn’t taste it inside the roll. The leeks were also marinated and grilled which made it match and elevate the flavor of the steak more. The yakiniku sauce gave the meaty, tangy, explosive flavor of the steak. This flavor is definitely not subtle and screams “I’m delicious!” unapologetically.

Kimchi Prawn and Enoki Aburi Maki

I liked this one next! Yes, it tastes like kimchi, but it doesn’t have that unpleasantly strong vinegar-y kimchi taste, but instead, the funkiness of the kimchi was distilled and complemented by the sweetness of the prawn and cream cheese. The creaminess of the cream cheese hits you just about the time that you feel like the kimchi is starting to get overwhelming. I wasn’t able to taste enoki since it was fried and put on top, but it did provide a nice contrast in texture.

Salmon Skin Aburi Maki

To be honest, because it’s in a platter full of string tasting and unique rolls, this one wasn’t able to shine as much. Don’t get me wrong — salmon and cream cheese is a winning combo, topped with some crispy salmon skin, but I felt like the cream cheese was a tad bit overpowering or because I was looking for that same flavor contrast that I found in the previous 2 rolls.

Spicy Tuna Maki

The Spicy Tuna Maki is probably the least unique out of all of these rolls, which was probably why it felt so lackluster. It was good — there was a lot of spicy tuna inside the maki rolls. However, the tempura bits on the side of the roll left me wanting a bit more crunch and crisp because unlike the other rolls, this one felt like the one most lacking in texture and complexity.

If you get this roll, I suggest going this order, from mildest to strongest —> Spicy Tuna Maki → Salmon Skin Aburi Maki → Kimchi Prawn and Enoki Aburi Maki, and finally the Truffled Steak Aburi Maki.

The reason?

Simply because once you eat the stronger tasting maki first, it’ll affect your perception of the milder tasting ones, and you’ll feel like it tastes duller than it really is. Eating it from lightest-tasting to the strongest tasting one, you can maximize your enjoyment and your tongue won’t get as fatigued.

Ebi Tempura

Probably the best tempura I’ve had in a while.

Tempura is usually battered with the tail out, so when I saw their version with the heads out instead, I was pleasantly surprised. As a bonus, you can eat the whole thing as well, as the head is soft enough. The batter was fluffy, and biting into it the shrimp is very hot and steamy, which means it was well-battered and coated properly. While the tempura absorbed some oil that I was able to taste, it’s not like it feels excessively greasy either. It pairs well with the tempura sauce but man, dipping it in the aligue mayo is so good, I don’t think I can go back to any other way to eat it. The shrimps were plump and big, eating them was very satisfying. My recommendation is to ask for more aligue mayo, and alternate between dipping it into the original sauce and the aligue mayo. Herb aioli is also included, but the aligue complimented the shrimp better and gave it a salty, fatty, bright taste to the tempura’s milder, mellower soft shrimp.

Chicken Teriyaki

Their chicken teriyaki is not like the others I’ve tried before, as their version comes deep-fried. Although it’s not swimming in sauce, I found that it has a very strong taste, and I highly recommend pairing it with rice, otherwise it tastes too strong, as the flavor of their teriyaki sauce is very intense. It feels like the chicken was marinated well before deep-frying and topping off with more sauce, as the flavor permeates throughout the entirety of the meat. Pairing it with rice is definitely the way to go to balance it well.

Ooma at BHS Central square is a delightful twist on Japanese flavors. While you know you’re eating Japanese food, there’s something about that feels bold, eccentric even.

And that’s a good thing.

Ooma BHS Central Square
7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
11am – 10:30pm
02 76214052

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