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The Elements of Style by William Strunk – Notes by Celz Alejandro

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  • Elementary Rules of Usage
    • 1. Possessive singulars end with ‘s, regardless of final consonant:
      • Charles’s friend, Burns’s poems, the witch’s malice, the Beatles’s concert tour
      • used by: Oxford University Press, United States Government Printing Office
      • Exceptions:
        • possessives of ancient Proper names
          • Jesus’
          • Achilles’ heel, Moses’ laws, Isis’ temple
        • pronominal possessives such ass hers, its, theirs his, oneself have no apostrophe
    • 2. Oxford comma
      • Exceptions:
        • Business firms omit the last comma.
          • Brown, Shirley and Company
        • etc. is always preceded by a comma, even if only a single term comes before it.
    • 3. Parenthetical expressions, such as this phrase, must be enclosed by commas.
      • Exceptions:
        • If the interruption to the sentence flow is small, commas can be omitted bt never unpaired.

Site rebuild and work in progress

This site is currently going through overhaul.

What that means is that it may be clunky and annoying until we sort everything out, but I’m leaving it live instead of going on maintenance mode so I don’t cut off the flow of live feedback from readers.

That being said, it’s also a time for introspection on the kind of content I plan on putting up here.

I originally intended for this place to be a free for all for all my thoughts and musings, but now I’m reflecting if I should niche down.

The thought of nobody reading my stuff makes me anxious, but I think reframing my mindset to write for An Audience of One, I can take a leap of faith and just start writing about whatever fancies me, at least at first.

It’s better than not getting any writing down, isn’t it?

My areas of interest include food, productivity, and learning, so we’ll see how that looks like. Whatever it is, the goal is to share more about what I’m learning in hopes of helping someone else.

See you soon.

Ooma at BHS Central Square, BGC Review (2020)

We ate at Ooma at BHS Central Square, Bonifacio Global City for my birthday! Ooma’s one of those places I’ve wanted to try, but was intimidated by for a long time. My only regret is that I should have come here sooner.

Here’s my review of the food at Ooma BGC