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Publishing without being ready is liberating.

I got this idea from Maggie Appleton (Twitter: @Mappletons):

A coming soon section for unfinished work by Maggie Appleton

Perfectionism requires imperfect accommodations

Maggie Appleton

This practice has been so liberating for me, as a chronic perfectionist who needs constant pushing to publish consistently. I know I do good work, but it’s always been clouded by fear of failure even though I know it’s counterproductive. Like a battle of wills for myself. Argh.

And this is why it’s been hard for me to publish consistently. It always has been.

Which is why I’ve decided to fight back.

I’ve silently published 4 (!) new posts over the past hour. These are book notes that I’ve been writing for the past month.

The reason why I think this works so well for books is because for non-fiction books, I skip around a lot and consume information just in time, not just in case. This means my information diet is very lean, because the focus is all focused towards consistent focus so I could chip away at my goals.

Continuous Learning

Digital Lettering May 2020 by Celz Alejandro

Learning should be a lifetime thing.

Personally, the thought of stopping my learning is horrifying. Learning has always been enjoyable for me. Or perhaps, I understand that there is a difference between learning and studying.

Studying has always felt constrictive, like a ruler that measures you against the average, and quantifying your success based on numbers. Learning, on the other hand, is freedom. With each passing idea becoming a feather in your cap, and eventually becoming your wings.

Learning is fun, but we don’t always have time for it.

“Life happens,” we say. But isn’t learning part of life? That’s why I’ve learned to stop saying that. Instead, I’m calling it for what it is — being caught up with obligations.

We feel that we have too many responsibilities, and we’ve long stopped learning about things that excites us, even as hobbies. A proposal: You don’t have to say no to either obligations or hobbies.

Instead, practice your hobbies in The Gap.